Casey & Jason

Casey and Jason live in Australia and had been dreaming of visiting Croatia together for some time, but initially imagined their wedding near their home in Australia. When the couple had a change of heart and decided to elope and have their wedding in Croatia and decided it was time to look for a wedding photographer in Split, Croatia. In a twist of fate, our paths crossed and created one of the most memorable weddings of my career. It’s amazing what human connection creates and leads to.

A testimonial from Jason, the groom

My wife and I first met Steph online to talk about the idea of getting married in Croatia. Within twenty minutes of our first video call meeting, we’d begun to bond over stories of the emotional connection we had around our mutual love of Croatia, its people and its customs. 

Human Connection & a Wedding

From the moment we met over video call, it was perfect match. Maybe you’re asking what creates a perfect match between photographer and couple. While I think a relationship can receive influence in many ways, I can narrow it down to four primary things that really seal the deal for me and my clients. 

  1. Kindness toward others, in the form of empathy/energy/communication.
  2. A palpable love for each other.
  3. A love for experience.
  4. Trust in allowing me to serve through hospitality.

We started off not knowing exactly what we wanted, but through asking us questions and learning about us, Steph began to curate our perfect day. And it was. It was just perfect. Steph arranged our bouquet, boutonniere and hair and makeup stylists. She arranged our civil celebrant as well as organizing our dinner, dance and, of course, all the amazing photos.

When we meet and interact with another person for the first time we form opinions based on verbal and non-verbal cues. We read body language, facial expressions and tone. We analyze the words chosen; we read energy. The energy I felt from this Australian wedding couple was powerful. Socially aware, empathetic, deeply passionate and emotionally intelligent, I love the energy of Casey and Jason. Excitement came over me. In my heart, I felt we were the same type people. This amazing couple looking to elope and get married in Croatia – what a pleasure and honor.

In every word and gesture, there was a connection and deep chemistry between the couple. They finished each others sentences, but never interrupted. They put each other first, but share goals and vision. A couple that demonstrates respect like that, wins me over every time. You know that they value each other. That their love is blind…not boastful, not envious. 

The Fruits of Our Relationship Building

Casey and Jason were so in love with Croatia that we had 100 topics to discuss and we had just met. They needed a wedding photographer in Split Croatia, I needed an amazing couple like them in my life. The couple spoke about immersing themselves, about seeing, touching hearing, tasting, feeling everything they could in Croatia. I could see they wanted to laugh, wanted to feel deep emotion and that they longed for an experience and lived in the vision of this experience through their words.

Casey and Jason sought my guidance. What a humbling thing with which to be entrusted.

The photos were a good mix of directed photos, but also natural candid shots as well as capturing the beauty of our surroundings. Moreover, Steph was a part of our wedding. The magic that the city provided was enhanced by her care for us and her truly loving spirit. She wanted us to have the perfect day. It was obvious in every conversation, in every tear we shed together, in every joyous hug and laugh.

Hospitality is at the Core In Split, Croatia

Hospitality drives me, I am drawn to these opportunities – opportunities to host, to create and to give others an opportunity to experience. Casey and Jason allowed space for this. We share ideas. They trusted and let things play out. They let the planning and moments unfold. Their ability to do this allowed for experience and emotion to full their day. Croatia opened its arms. Casey and Jason opened their hearts. Croatia was an experience; they were loved. They loved and consequently, opportunities unfolded before them. Kindness from Croatians and tourists alike poured toward them. They saw, they married, they kissed, they ate, they danced. As a couple, they won over the hearts of all onlookers at their wedding Split, Croatia. Was it them? Was it Split? It was everything.

I hope that you read this, Engaged Couple, and you experience your own kind of magic on your special day with Steph’s guidance. She will look after you. We love you, Steph. <3

We decided we’d work together and my role began in planning a destination elopement in Croatia. One of my specialty services is planning small intimate events in Croatia. With an extensive background in the wedding and hospitality industry, I’m able to curate the finest and most beautiful experiences for couples who want immersive experiences. It was an absolute pleasure to be their wedding photographer in Split Croatia. 

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