The coaching program, still unnamed, has started with its official beta group. I am sharing everything it takes to create and run an efficient small business. There’s still time to join. Beta testers are in for an impactful, packed time where we will dissect, strategize, rebuild (or build) and relaunch three areas of their business. All in 12 weeks, which is a key feature of the program. Interested? Reach out here, but also, more info at the end of this post.

How I Run My Business

If you remember THIS POST, you’ll know I have a pretty strong idea (read: opinion) on the elements that are needed for creatives (and most small business entrepreneurs) efficient small business. There are always exceptions, yes, but if you want to know how I run my business, what I’ve learned from the best in the industry, where the principles came from and so on, I have a 1:1 coaching program built for you. 

Your Coaching Program

Your coaching program runs in 12-week cycles. You have three credits to use toward three areas of focus, that are your choice and will help you run an efficient small business. The areas of focus that are options to you are as follows:

  • Business Branding Strategy
  • Personal Branding Strategy
  • Client Experience & Offer
  • Showit Website Design
  • Converting Website Copy
  • Time Blocking and the 12-Week Calendar
  • Blogging Strategy
  • SEO
  • Brand Image Curation
  • Email Lists/Opt Ins/Drip Campaigns
  • Instagram Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Styled Shoot/Editorial Planning, Design & Execution
  • Styled Shoot/Editorial In-Person (on-location)*
  • Brand Shoot In-Person (on-location)*
  • Destination Weddings
  • Digital fine art photography (professional photographers)
  • Elements of branding photography (non-professional or professional photographers)
  • iPhone Photography (non-professional or professional photographers)
  • DSLR photography for creatives (non-professional photographers)
  • Editing for creatives (non-professional photographers)
  • Editing (professional photographers)
  • One-day in-person mentoring with Steph on any and all topics*
  • Shadow Steph at a wedding*

(*)take two slots in your membership cycle

Coaching Program Structure

We meet every second week 1:1 and in the off weeks I review your work and progress and give feedback via email. At this time, 12-week cycles start at time based on your schedule. In the future, this is likely to be based on a calendar quarter: January – March, April – June, July – September, October – December.

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Lettered by Shi

For a little sneak peek into what a branding session looks like, here is a session with Shi of Lettered By Shi, a Madison-based calligrapher and stationer who I had the pleasure of working with. 

With Shi, we talked through her brand and vision, Shi prepared a moodboard of inspiration that aligned to her brand and we enlisted the help of Renee Breanne Design for coordination.

blurry woman walking by a desk

picture of a wrapped gift part of brand shoot
hand writing calligraphy

On the day of the shoot we focused on creating a portfolio of imagery that Shit could use on her website, in her blog and on social media. We included movement, laughter, production, and static shots of her work. While Shi creates full invitation and paper suites for her clients, one of her most beautiful talents is her calligraphy. We spent time creating a scene that allowed her to demonstrate her talent, in action. So often, part of the beauty in art is the way it was created – the talent, the time, the approach, the tools, the imperfections and the perfections. All of that matters in a brand shoot. And all of that is interesting to our clients.

I had the pleasure of recently getting to know Steph and see her in her element a handful of times. Each of these times, she has amazed me with her creativity, artistic eye, attention to detail, and the way she engages with all those around her. I am a calligrapher focusing on wedding details like stationery and signage, and Steph makes sure to highlight these details and is sure to not leave them forgotten. She is truly a joy to work with and is so unbelievably talented!

– Shi Norman, Lettered by Shi

Beta-Testers Wanted

If you are interested (and most importantly, have the time), I am still accepting beta-testers who want to learn exactly what it takes to run an efficient small business. There are key elements (hint: the list is above), but I can show you exactly what Ultimately, I want to create a program that is highly personalized, intensely focused, and outcome driven. Feedback is a gift, so that’s what the catch is – I need your feedback!

I have spent 12 years becoming an expert in these areas, let me save you time, share my knowledge and help you get exactly what you would like out of your business. No secrets. Tailored to your needs. Who is up for some beta-testing?

How to become a beta tester

Reach out at this link. Beta testers must have an established business (it can be in its infancy), be driven to grow and improve, and be committed to a 4 week (1 credit), 8 week (2 credits) or 12 week (3 credit) program. If you’re interested. I’m excited to hear from you, don’t hesitate in reaching out.  

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flatlay of business and brand products

wedding invitations all over table with hands holding one


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