When Ghazal (pronounced Gazelle) and Alex described their three-ceremony-wedding, they instantly had my attention. Number one, this told me there would be an emphasis on the symbolism of union. I love this, after all, it is a wedding. Number two, this meant there would be unique looks and a story to tell. Number three, they chose to host a Paine Art Center wedding. This, in itself, is enough to fill your eyes with hearts. Would anyone not be excited about such an idea? Alongside Renee Breanne Design + Co and their tight network of Persian wedding experts, they created a magnificent Persian Sofreh Aghd, a traditional western ceremony and a courthouse elopement – one more moving than the next. Then…their party. Surrounded by love and energy, they threw the most energized reception I’ve ever witnessed.

The wedding day started with the arrival at the enchanting Paine Art Center and Gardens in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This is a whirlwind property that sweeps you to Spanish courtyards, English gardens and a fairytale cottage house. If you aren’t familiar with the beautiful grounds of this Wisconsin gem, we’ll be sharing more with you soon.

couple kissing among wedding party members

The First Look

The couple arrived ready for their first look as their family and wedding party members buzzed around them with excitement. The energy was there from the beginning and so much credit needs to be given to Ghazal and Alex for keeping those closest to them…close to them throughout the intense moments of the wedding day. It was beautiful.

As the couple prepared for their first look in the bright sun, the onlookers found shade and watched from a distance to ensure the couple had privacy at their first look. It was there that they share their most private vows and released their anticipation embracing and spending about 20 minutes together in the magical southern garden of Paine Art Center.

Following the sentimental and oh-so-sweet first look, we moved into portraits of the couple throughout the property.

The Ceremonies

Ghazal had described her vision as a very intimate day with a large guest list and barely there color to create a neutral, but jaw-dropping background. What a vision! White flowers decorated each space and each detail was thoughtful and full of meaning. Take a close look at that Persian ceremony table. Even with over 100 guests the intimacy of the event remained.

Cocktails and Reception

Guests were dressed impeccably as they enjoyed drinks among the fountains and stone figures in the garden. As the sun fell and we stole away for a few extra photos in the most beautiful light next to a calm coy pond. With drinks in hand the last moments of daylight were sealed with sweet kisses. Finally, we made our way to the reception where you could feel the excitement built up. Just wait until you see those photos!


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